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Life - The game of Uncertainty

As a teenager in late 90’s- I was so confused about life. Every bad thing that happened to me then,  was taken to the court of God (my hypothetical Place of ultimate justice), where I cried and complained and wished why don’t you kill me. Now standing at the fag end of the year 2021 some odd 20 years later- I am praying and am gratified for each day that I survive. If someone happens to ask me what is the most precious thing that I have today – that would be MY GOD DAMN LIFE. So you must be wandering what made me a gratified one over the complaining one. The answer is – while fighting all the odd battles of life, is when I realized that- each battle I won or loss actually helped me to acquire the taste for life the taste for never giving up on life. I remember post my graduation and first break up- I thought my life was doomed and I had to carry the baggage of life throughout. That moment I met random people, heard their stories (a quality I think I am blessed with - people are
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****10 Cognitive stress Relief strategies****

Depression is very real, and what causes depression is stress, so how do we identify stress right from that mild headache to suicide everything revolves around being stressful. So how does a human react to stress in general, when he/she is stressed- handle it with "FFF" I don't mean the cuss word rather I meant  FIGHT//FLIGHT//FREEZE -  what's ur style to deal with it?(I will write about it on demand- let me know if you want to discover your stress combat style). Blessed are the ones who knows how to combat it. Mostly the stress that we get today are more cognitive and less physical in nature so here are the ways to deal with it 1. Meditation -  finds its traits from old Hindu or Buddhist beliefs. Scientifically the Prefrontal cortex of the brain becomes highly active and helps in stress reduction. One myth about meditation is that u have to stop thinking everything while meditating. Instead, initially  while meditating your  brain will s

Love from Spring

The cold winter has just passed The drying leaves are flickering for the very last time The chilly winds reminds me of all my nightmares The chilled nights whisper to me the untold failures I still combat for While the fight of the cold days and chilly mornings are on The winds have done some wonders in between I didnt see them working that hard.. But the nature speaks for the wind I see colours popping I see the sky getting clear with those promising clouds The clouds sail like they were never ever been so happy before Have you seen the smile of clouds the sky wears That smile gives my chapped winter lips a little relief Did you see the mickey, the elephant, the what not imaginary in the clouds Oh it drives me crazy seeing how the sky has turned into a beautiful canvas of my imagination Just below the beautiful canvas is the colourful nature. Lustful green, flickering coloured leaves and bountiful flowers Dancing like the toddlers on winning over their first exper

Happy little Heart

Knock knock? Who’s there? I am Happy chirped a voice I spread smiles, I spread happiness added the voice The fear inside me gripped me tighter. "Don't you open the door darling!” They are ephemeral- the lure you  They play with emotions and leave making me heavier Excitement peeped and pulled me by my ear Whispered a lot with glee Well I don't remember what all it said Cause it was so excited after all Well excitement's excitement made me open the door and peep  I swear my peep was so driven by my inquisitiveness and wasn't a welcome Ah! what my eyes saw and how my heart started to jump at the sight of happy I stood there opening the door - while a smile hanged on my lips Dancing and Singing Happy came in without waiting for me to speak a word I was awe driven by her sight and the energy she brought in I sat with my smile hooked on to my lips Happy just snapped a finger at me and said "Look that's my magic darli

seasons of love

The late spring is here. It rained heavily this spring- it was windy . The carefree barren land got drenched and danced away merrily. Little did she care about the indifferent season this year! The wind spread beautiful smell and unknown notion all around the land. Not all could survive the warm heat today after the abstract spring this year. The summer sets in the cute little sleepy notion of spring. Slowly opens its arms and eyelids to see the hot sun  It is so excited to see the sun it feels like jumping and eating it The moist soil holds it back , knowing the sapling is still weak- she hides it within Days of summer passes by - increasing the excitement of the lil sprout The nurturer suffers all the heat of the scorching  sun Just to keep the lil sprouty grounded and safe She bears all the tapering of the hard rain of the monsoon this year She didnot dance like a carefree dancer of spring It rained hard- there were floods- but the protector didnot g


Just like the moon-Yes like the moon You have traveled a lot of phases You have changed so many faces Traveled so long- that it has already been noon Before the darkness dawns in-lets sit a while- just a while! Lets take a stroll back those phases Does that hurt? In a minutes journey - you might be smiling too In a while your emotional fountain might just burst Hold on to it baby! Dont drop those precious pearls. Boring- aint it,it made you sad. You want to re-lieve few of those moments again You want to rectify all the mistakes u did Alas! all gone. You are the hero - You are the Villain Of your own knitted story. The story so far is well knit. However, it might not be that neat. The story at times is dark and not well lit. Life doesnt come with the delete button Doesnt give us the erase option. The masks we wore sometimes were so wrong The ideas we created and passed were so not true. Hold on to your emotional fountain baby! I know  - it lacks the push to


Amidst the running through the neatly webbed hurdles I found a beautiful smile at each tiring step I took Indeed that smile was so warm that , I don't even remember how I jumped off those stumbling hurdles Yes smiling faces those are Beautiful people they are and indebted I am No one has an easy life- neither was mine I am yet to climb the entire rope But the journey so far was tiring but fine Its these people who came in as the ray of hope. Not all of them have I met Some are  virtual and a few  are dead :( Their hair brushed my hair  and guided me unknowingly when I was young Yet, their goodness stills smells fresh in my life I don't know should I be just happy Or, shall I just carry this gratitude in my heart All I want to do- is reflect back all the goodness I already had Giving it back - ain't that bad Praising someone's goodness Participating in someone's madness. Let the bottle of happiness and smile open, Let the laughter echo a